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Invest in the startups you believe in

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It's a quick process for us to get to know you. Investing in startups is highly regulated and so we removed the complexity to make it easy for you. (Must be an accredited investor).

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Search For Startups You Believe In

We have the greatest access to startups than any other platform. Find the startup you believe in and start committing as little as $1k to their next round.

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Claim your spot in line to invest in the next round

Choose the amount you want to invest and how long you want to commit that amount. Startups typically raise funds during specific windows. By committing on our platform, we get you into the next round.

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Get fair price and fair terms in your startups

Have peace of mind that you are funding your commitment only when conditions are met: (1) Reputable Lead Investor leads round, (2) They are taking 25% of round, (3) You get the same terms. If none of those conditions met, no obligation to invest.

For Startups

Make your believers part of your story

We handle the compliance and complexity of managing the important long tail of believers that increase your probability of success: current and prospective customers, vendors, and employees

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This is not Crowdfunding

Working with us does not change the way you raise. This is an easy way to raise from both VCs and smaller investors without having to go through the burdensome Reg A+ or Reg CF mechanisms. You don't even need to share your financials with your believers.

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One Investor on the Cap Table, not Hundreds

All your believers invest into an SPV that invests in your startup (where we are the manager of that SPV). We don't share any confidential information with the investors.

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We Handle KYCing and Tracking of Commitments

We have the technology, processes, and staff to compliantly and accurately track the hundreds of commitments that you'll get.

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We Give You Tools

Once your startup goes live on our platform, you'll have visibility to all of the investors who have committed to your vision. This gives you a way to build relationships with them over time. And no one will see who's committed or invested in you if you don't want to show that.

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